Our pharmacists are committed to open communication and the nurturing of relationships to the benefit of the individuals’ and the community’s health.

The Local Choice Pharmacy is also a partner of Dis-Chem, which resulted in the expansion of products and services.  Therefore, we have a large variety of supplementary products in beauty and self-care.

In the current environment, where easy access to cost-effective care is paramount, The Local Choice’ vision and mission is to provide a wide range of basic health care services in a convenient, cost-effective way.

  1. Trust. Patients already have more contact with our Pharmacists than other healthcare providers and appear to greatly value The Local Choice Pharmacists’ advice.
  2. Access. Our Pharmacists are highly accessible.
  3. Skills and services. Our Pharmacists are highly trained health professionals, knowledgeable about a range of medical conditions and capable of delivering some advisory, diagnostic, and treatment services.
  4. Cost. The Local Choice pharmacies operate in a highly competitive business environment and are already acting to lower the nation’s cost of prescription medications by promoting generics.
  5. Health Care servicesWith in-store clinics, wellness programs, health screenings, and disease management services.


The Local Choice Pharmacy Group is built on a foundation of professional expertise and personal service, The Local Choice Pharmacy Group has been meeting customer’s health care needs since 2011.

With humble beginnings in Delmas in October 2011 we have grown into an organization of over 90 stores throughout South Africa becoming an indelible part of their communities. Yet despite our stellar growth, we haven’t forgotten our origins.

The local choice